Leaf Collection

Residential Leaf Collection Program

The Department of Public Services will tentatively begin leaf collection the week of October 14th. Please refer to the provided guidelines below.

Collection Route


Geauga Lake Area, Woodview Subdivision, Lakes of Aurora, Hawthorn Development, Villas of Barrington, N. Aurora Rd. (SR 43), W. Garfield Rd. (SR 82), Treat Rd.,
Bridal Path Subdivision, Cascades Subdivision, Centerville Subdivision, Hidden Creek Subdivision, East & West Homestead Subdivision, Duneden Subdivision, Woodthrush Subdivision, Deepwoods Subdivision.  

Aurora Hill Colony, Lakes of Aurora, Woodview Subdivision, Woods of Aurora, Oaks of Aurora, Thornhill Subdivision, West Homestead, East Homestead, Greenview Estates, Old Pioneer Trail, Country Club Subdivision, & Highlands Subdivision

Old Bard Subdivision, Walden, Tinkers Creek, Summerhill Subdivision, Yorkshire, Wellington, Prestige Woods, Chatham Estates, Four Seasons, Page Rd., Hawkin Subdivision, & East Mennonite.  

Leaves are collected by three crews. Each crew will have a designated city section throughout leaf cleanup season. Our crews will collect leaves starting October 14th until the first snowfall. 

Leaf Collection Guidelines

Leaves should be raked loose to the curb but not into the roadway per Aurora Codified Ordinance Section 311.01 which prohibits placing injurious material or obstruction in the street. The leaf pile should be free from landscaping debris (i.e., brush, stones, rocks, bushes, trash) to prevent damage to equipment and personnel.

Improperly placed leaves in the roadway over stormwater drains or open ditches may cover inlets causing a potential blockage and restrict water flow.

The program will continue until leaf season is completed, weather permitting. This service is NOT intended for use by professional landscaping contractors or landscapers who perform leaf removal service for a homeowner.

Leaves may also be bagged and disposed of with normal trash pickup. There is no additional charge as long as the level of trash service is not exceeded.

The city recycles the collected leaves into a usable organic material made available in the spring until depleted to Aurora residents at no charge. Pickup Location: Audubon Parking Lot, 896 East Pioneer Trail.


mportance of Keeping Storm Sewers Clear of Debris

Leaves, grass, and brush debris can cover the inlets and block water from flowing into them. Materials of this nature entering into the storm sewers decompose and deplete dissolved oxygen that aquatic life needs to survive. Grass and leaves also encourage algae growth.