Golf Dome

All clinics start the week of April 4, 2016
Classes run for 6 weeks, 1 hour once a week
  • All classes limited to 8 students per class

  •  Adult Learn to Play Golf
    • A high quality and relaxed introduction to the fundamentals of golf at the area’s finest practice facility.
    • Instructor: TJ Tabor, Jake Kruegel & staff
    • Golf Dome, Chagrin Falls
    • Cost: $118
  • The 6 sessions will cover:
    • Grip, stance and posture
    • Basic fundamentals of the swing
    • Iron and wood play
    • Putting and the short game
    • On course play in our Golf Simulators 
    • Monday, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
    • Tuesday 7 to 8 p. m.
    • Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m.

    Parent/Child Clinic

    • A fun and non-intimidating way for the parent and child to spend some quality time together while learning an activity for a lifetime. 
    • Instructor: TJ Tabor, Jake Kruegel & staff
    • Golf Dome, Chagrin Falls
    • Cost: $ 176 for both parent and child
    • Introduction to:
    • golf swing
    • chipping
    • putting
    • plus rules and etiquette are covered
    • actual on course play and contests are done in our simulators!
    • Child must be a minimum of 8 years old.
    • Thursdays 6-7 p.m.
    • Fridays 6-7 p.m.


     Adult Winter Simulator League (NOT AVAILABLE IN SPRING)

    • Forget the bad weather and play 9 holes on some of the best courses in the world! 
    • Your rounds will be played on our “Full Swing” golf simulators. 
    • Our league format gives our players the flexibility to play their 9 hole round anytime they choose each week. 
    • The league runs for 13 weeks. 
    • Tee times must be reserved in advance to play your weekly 9 hole round.
    • Sign up now with a friend! 
    • First two weeks are to establish handicaps. 
    • Skins are awarded each week, prizes for winners!!
    • League starts TBD. 
    • Cost is TBD