Deer Hunting Permits

About the Permits

The City of Aurora allows deer hunting within its city limits as a means of population control. Thinning the herd may minimize the potential for property damage associated with car/deer collisions and the animals feeding on your shrubs and trees. Hunters may apply for a deer hunting permit by completing and submitting an application (PDF). The applications may also be accessed at our communications center.
  • All hunting must be done using a cross bow, compound bow, or other bow and arrow hunting device.
  • The hunter must possess a current Ohio hunting license, have completed an approved hunter safety course and possess a current city permit, all of which must be carried while hunting.
  • The hunting site must be at least 8 acres. This site may be comprised of 2 smaller parcels, with no parcel being less than 2 acres in size.
  • The hunter must be familiar with the boundaries of the land being hunted.
  • No hunter shall pursue a wounded deer onto other property unless he or she has obtained permission first.
  • All hunting must take place from a tree stand at a minimum of 8 feet in height.
  • All kills must be reported to the Aurora Police Department within 24 hours; notification must include location of kill and gender of deer.
Any violation of the Hunting and Trapping ordinance 618.16 may result in criminal charges

The city holds a lottery each year allowing winners to hunt on designated, city-owned property. Hunters interested in this program should visit the Aurora Parks and Recreation site or call the office.

Aurora Archery Lottery

Aurora Parks and Recreations in conjunction with the Aurora Police department developed and launched the first Aurora White-Tailed Deer Lottery Hunt for the 2010-2011 deer hunting season on designated city park properties. Properties include Aurora Wetlands, Harmon Farm and Spring Hill Farm.

Hunters must register with the Parks and Recreation office in person, by calling 330-562-4333 or mailing a 3” x 5” index card with the following information to the Parks and Recreation Office in the Walker Building (129 West Pioneer Trail, Aurora, OH 44202). On the 3 X 5 card, write your name, address, cell phone number, alternate phone number and e-mail.

Hunters selected are encouraged to select one hunting partner. Hunters must attend a mandatory meeting. At the meeting, the hunters will be shown their designated hunting areas, a review of State and Codified hunting ordinances, rules and policies including archery ethics, shot placement, hunting safety and archery proficiency test.

The hunter selected in drawing must complete a city hunting permit application and pay $25 non-refundable fee. The hunter selected in the lottery will have to prove that they are an Aurora resident. Copies of ODNR hunting permit, deer tags and Ohio driver license are required with completed application.

Hunters can hunt with their partner on same day but must stay in their designated hunting area. Hunters located outside their designated hunting area will have their permits revoked and will be barred from future archery lotteries.

No fasteners are permitted to be inserted into trees (screw in steps, bow hangers, etc.). Hunters must wear a safety harness when hunting from an elevated stand. The hunter’s name, address and phone number must be marked on their tree stand. Hunters must remove all stands, equipment and trash no later than one week after the end of the deer hunting season. 

Hunters must harvest one antlerless deer (doe) before harvesting an antlered deer (buck).

Hunters must carry their city hunting permit along with their valid ODNR hunting license and deer tag(s). Hunters must display the parking permit provided by the city and park in designated area.

​More information on White-Tailed Deer can be found here