Storm Water Maintenance

What is Storm Water? 

Storm water is any rainwater or melting snow or ice that flows over the surface of the land to the nearest sewer, lake or stream. Hard surfaces like houses, driveways, roads and parking lots often cause increased flow and pollution. In developed areas, like cities, it is important to manage our sewer system in order to avoid flooding and water pollution in our nearby water sources. 

Sanitary sewer systems and storm water systems are not the same. Water from within your house flows to the wastewater treatment plant or to your septic for treatment. Water that flows down driveways and streets flow directly to nearby ponds, lakes and streams which effect wildlife and can negatively effect drinking water supplies. 

How Can You Help? 

  • Understand what storm water is and where it goes   
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash 
  • Reduce the use of lawn and garden chemicals
  • Properly maintain your neighborhood storm water pond
  • Keep catch basins clean of litter and other debris

What We Do To Help

The department provides the following services on the storm water systems throughout the city:
  • Cleaning, televising, jetting of sewers on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Catch basin repair and new installation
  • Street sweeping to prevent infiltration
  • Instillation and replacement of deteriorated residential driveway pipe

Please call the Department if you have concerns about storm water backup,
sink holes forming in the city right-of-way, and/or have questions relative to storm water.

 stoemwater graphic

Importance of Keeping Storm Sewers Clear of Debris

Leaves, grass, and brush debris can cover inlets and block water from flowing into them. Materials of this nature entering the storm sewers decompose and deplete dissolved oxygen that aquatic life needs to survive. Grass and leaves also encourage algae growth.