Economic & Entrepreneurial Development Board

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About The Board

Five Aurora residents have been appointed as members of the City's Economic & Entrepreneurial Development Board. The residents represent a diversity in business leadership and experience which will add significant value as Aurora moves forward with economic development. Additionally, the residents ensure that there is a strategic and practical balance between elected officials and city leadership.

Additional Board members include the Mayor, Economic & Entrepreneurial Development Director, City Council President, and a key member of the Chamber of Commerce.  The Finance Director, Law Director, Public Service Director, and Planning, Zoning & Building Director will also act as resources for the Board.

The Board functions as an advisory board, and responsibilities center on providing guidance and direction, assist in creating strategies and establishing priorities for the city's economic and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Meeting Information

The Economic and Entrepreneurial Development Board meets on call. For additional information contact the Board secretary at 330-995-9126.

Board Members

  • Ann Womer Benjamin, Mayor
  • George Horvat, City Council President
  • Holly Harris Bane, Director of Economic and Entrepreneurial Development
  • Karen Bosley, Chamber Representative
  • Jim Cossler
  • Bradford Ehrhart
  • Rich Wanders
  • Vacant
  • Vacant