General Information

General Information:

  • Are you moving? You must notify the office and schedule an appointment before you move. If you move without notice the account will remain in your name!
  • If your bill shows an estimated reading, please contact the Water Department office.
  • A charge of $20 will be assessed to your account for any check returned for insufficient funds.
  • A 10% penalty will be assessed if payment is not in our office by the due date.

Utility Billing FAQ's:

Is there a minimum water and sewer charge?

Yes. The minimum for water and sewer is based on usage consumption up to 700 cubic feet.

What is a typical water usage bill?

There is no typical water bill. The usage depends on the number of people in the home and how they use the water.

Can I get a sewer credit for my in-ground irrigation system only?

Yes.  You can purchase a 2nd meter for your irrigation system only.  This usage will not be charged sewer charges. Contact the Water Department for current pricing.

Hydrant Tampering:

If you see anyone other than a city employee or a police or fire department member operating or tampering with a fire hydrant or if you have any doubt that someone is claiming to represent the City of Aurora, please call the Water Department at 330-995-9109 or the Police Department Dispatch at 330-562-8181.

Quarterly Meter Reading and Billing Process

Meter readings take place the first week of January, April, July and October and the bills are mailed by the end of these months. If you do not receive your bill within a week of mailing, please contact the Water Department at 330-995-9109

If the 28th falls on the weekend or holiday (when offices are closed) the due date will be the following business day. 
Billing Month
Billing Due Date
February 28th
May 28th
August 28th
November 28th