Demonstration Site

Sustaining Forest Benefits in Urbanizing Areas
In 2013, the City of Aurora was awarded a small grant for the purpose of developing a demonstration site that supports the woodland management goals and objectives outlined in the Northwest Portage County Woodland Plan.

The City of Aurora, as required in the conservation restrictions for this property, is responsible for the control and management of invasive non-native plant species. The main invasive non-native plant species located on this property are shown on the following sign which is also displayed in the informational kiosk on the property.

During the next few years, woody and herbaceous invasive plants found on site will be treated by using herbicide foliar spray and basal bark applications. The map shown here outlines the specific areas of emphasis over the next few years for invasive plant control and management. Specific signs about each invasive non-native plant species will be located throughout the property that will include descriptions, habitat, management and native alternative options.

Additional Resources
Small Woodland Lots Assistance
Assistance is available to residents with small woodland lots. For more information, please contact Forester Jason Van Houten by email or call 614-265-6703.

Northwest Portage County Woodland Plan
Plan Overview
The plan provides a framework for voluntary coordinated woodland management across property boundaries of all ownership types. Increased coordinated management among woodlot owners would help address issues stemming from increased forest fragmentation and land division.

Developing Demonstration Sites
Two demonstration site are being developed on locally protected lands within the plan area to display how you can complete recommended woodlot practices on your property and encourage woodland management across boundaries.

Plan Goal
Participation is voluntary and open to all landowners however, the focus of the plan is on small woodlot owners (2 - 10 acres). The overall goal of the plan is to maintain healthy woodlands in the area by providing information and natural resource professional assistance to the landowners.

Invasive Species Found On This Property
Autumn Olive
An Autumn Olive plant
Phragmites plant
Reed Grass
Reed Grass
Multi-Flora Rose
Multi-Flora Rose plant
Buckthorn plant