K-9 Unit

K9 NeroThe Aurora Police Department K-9 unit was reestablished in 2015 and currently consists of Officer Riley and K-9 Nero. K-9 Nero is a 6 year old dual purpose K-9 trained in the patrol functions of tracking, article search, building search, criminal apprehension and handler protection. K-9 Nero is also trained in narcotics detection, including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine, and ecstasy.

The mission of the K-9 unit is to support all law enforcement activity and the City of Aurora. This support is a force multiplier which assists in the apprehension of fleeing criminals, warrant searches, building and area searches, search and rescue, pursuits, and illegal drug eradication.  Aside from their law enforcement duties, the K-9 team visits schools, churches, businesses and local nursing homes.  

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